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Campus Vibes

Tsunami County

I am sitting in my room at Tsunami, the room I was allocated after a ‘’Successful lottery’’ was done. Tsunami is not a hall as many comrades think nor is it a hostel as others also do. It is too unique that it earned the name Tsunami County. It is just another county within Maseno University probably the 49th   in Kenya after the infamous Diaspora county of Rongai. It hosts more than 1500 comrades with is headquarters in block G. It is a chore for some things to happen in this county that do not happen at other places in the campus. Long queues at water points, readiness to go after a thief when your clothes are on the line as he tries to retreat to a destination unknown to anybody never to be caught by anyone, but it is also easy for the illegal buyer to be tethered around the buying place just to wait for the owner of the goodies to come and untether him from the invisible rope and peg, it is also easy to see your door-lock being keyed open by a stranger who just greets you and slowly walks away to safety. A present, are businessmen ranging from boiled-egg sellers to canteen owners. It is common to meet something like BUNDLES MWITU G9 or JOSE WA MABOXER H32 at the door posts.
Yes all those occur in the county, but there is one incident that will be detained by my memory however much it will be stretched. As I am seated I hear a commotion outside. A while later, some Luo comrades, I’m not tribal by the way but I had to mention them specifically, go round knocking, hitting doors. I hear a loud bang on my door which arrests my attention. I quickly come out armed, to the tooth, that is. Right left, right left to where all roads are heading to. To see that thief who has been’ glued by nature’ to where he was stealing from. But my thoughts are completely wrong. I m dumbstruck by the story I get people telling in curves of groups. At the storey, others are busy knocking on a door, actually hitting it hard. I wonder why but I luckily eavesdrop from a nearby group.
‘’aaaah na venye huyo dem amepiga nduru ingine ya ajabu.’’

‘’ Huyo mse ni ngori.’’

Si uyo mse atoke nje tumcheki, mess leo anakula kwa bill yangu.’’

It is a door where a ‘’worldcup’’ class match is being played but unfortunately, one of the players is not matching the standards of the other. A couple is making out some sweet session for two. Some sought of a private party because the duo is enjoying their time together in the room. What was once a secret had just turned public when the girl gave out a loud scream, perhaps because of pleasure and a feeling of ecstasy as it has been always the result from the parties of this kind or maybe it is because of pain. The scream got people’s attention and that’s why am out, standing left with many questions of what was happening in the room.I guess it’s time I got back to my room,relax a little bit and await the mandatory exile from one of my roommates.



  1. Evelyne

    May 9, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    a nice one!….a Tsunami capital city

  2. Anonymous

    May 9, 2017 at 11:31 pm


  3. mpita njia

    July 11, 2017 at 8:19 am

    nice post

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