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Forbiden Fellowship

Forbidden Fellowship Episode 5

I woke up earlier than usual, I had to prepare the venue properly in readiness for what was to come. I changed the sheets and nearly tucked in fresh ones, something I hadn’t done for a while. I cleaned the house from top to bottom and neatly arranged every section. Once I was done, I sat patiently waiting.  “Tingli!! ” That was a message. “Morning dear, am on my way. Ten minute out. Hope kabreko kako ready ??” This was really happening, I couldn’t contain all the joy inside me, ” morning dear, yea breko iko ready, nakutegea tu! Ukifika kwa stage uniambie nikukujie… Poa ?” I replied.  Of course everything was ready, I had prepared breakfast and for the first time in a long time, I even bought milk to prepare tea. Today was a special day, no black tea (strungi).  All was set in readiness to welcome her highness.  Around 15 minutes later my phone rang, it was Kate. She had arrived and was ready waiting for me to go pick her up. I quickly took the took the keys to the gate and rushed out. I was astonished on seeing her. I had never seen her in trousers before, her curves were well laid out, my heart skipped a beat, she had done all this just for me. Made me feel special. I gave her a hug and we walked home together. I welcomed her in and strategically led her to sit close to the bed, (single room manenos).  I set up the table and we took tea together. Both of us were nervous and neither was saying much. As the guy in the mix, I had to make my move.  “So, niambie….. ” such a silly pick up line… “mimi Sina neno, ” she said.. “labda wewe unipigie story ” I had nothing to say, all I could think about was kissing and caressing her. ” Mimi Sina story. Niko tu na actions za kufanya ” …..haha, that sounded silly.  But it worked ” Nionyeshe basi ” she said with a broad smile on her face.   I slowly took her hand and locked her fingers into mine. I moved close to her and kissed her. She kissed me back. Her lips were so soft and tender. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was now gaining courage. I put my arms round her waist and patiently began making my way up. I caressed her breasts as we continued kissing, she was completely under my control. I stood up and held her hands and helped her up. She didn’t resist. Our lips locked again, I kissed her passionately and I was really enjoying it. I started undoing her buttons as she did the same for me. I undressed her slowly and romantically, the room was so quite that you could here her top hit the floor. I then undid her bra and her nipples were there for me to do whatever I pleased. I led her to the bed and gently laid her down. I started undoing her trouser while looking straight into her eyes, she couldn’t wait for me to get inside her. I removed my pants and climbed onto the bed. All I had left at this point were my boxers. My dick was so hard, she held it firmly and said,  ” Wow!!!  I love the size ”  She removed my boxers and started massaging it gently working her way down towards the balls , all this while I was sucking her nipples and kissing her in between. I reached for the condom which I had strategically placed on top of the bed. She told me, “please don’t… I need to feel you raw.!!” I couldn’t believe this was happening. She took my dick, spread her legs open and gently led it inside her vagina…. “aaaaaaaaaa…… Am all yours honey, fuck me.!!! ”  At this point there was no going back. I had her all to myself. She firmly grabbed my ass and started pushing me inside. What began as a slow and gentle love making had now escalated into a hard and thorough fuck. She really enjoyed it rough. I withdrew my penis then turned her. I bent her over and in I went back again….. The pounding continued as we exchanged positions in between. All she could do was moan and call my name. The first round lasted over 40 minutes, just when I was about to withdraw and cum, she held my ass tightly and told me, ” Cum inside me… Please ” I let it all out inside her…damn it felt awesome.. Her eyes rolled as she moaned and almost cried.  We both breathed heavily as she rested on my chest still massaging my dick and balls.  “aki you know how to make a woman feel loved, your romantic and pia haucum haraka. Imagine nimecum mara nne before hata wewe umwage!”  I was short of words,  I could tell from the way she was exhausted that my game had more than impressed her. “Uko mtamu sana, waaaah…. ” I said with a smile on my face. That day we made love through the entire day until we realized it was almost 4 in the evening. We had more than 5 rounds of love making. We had officially become an item…. It was time for her to go home, her sister had started calling her because she had gone for long. I saw her off and that was how our day was.  All this went on for weeks until she stopped having sex with the husband all because of me.  But time had come that I felt enough was enough. This had to stop.

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