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Forbiden Fellowship

Forbidden Fellowship Episode 4

So after sharing the wonderful meal with Kate and talking about life experiences, I decided it was time for me to leave considering it was almost 4 pm and her baby had already woken up and was craving for her attention. So she thanked me for everything and asked me for my number which I happily gave to her. She was even courteous enough to offer me fare but I couldn’t let it go that far. I had to say no. I said my goodbyes and as I rose to leave, she stood up and gave me a warm hug. Boy oh boy, feeling her nipples press on my chest drove me nuts. “God bless you, ” she said….. in the back of my mind I was like, “really?  you are playing the Christian card after everything we just shared ? Woman you are sending mixed reactions “…….”God bless you too. ” I replied in a cool manly voice. And off I went. 
Deep into the night as I lay on my bed, all I could think about was Kate, I mean I gave her my number and up to now she hasn’t said a word, kwani what’s up?  had she already forgotten about me?  I wish I had asked for her number in return. But then again I remembered that I didn’t do so because I wanted her to be the one to initiate any conversation from here on. I switched off the lights and decided it was time to sleep. Didn’t take ten minutes then my phone went, tingli!!!  A message was sent, who could that be?  I glanced lazily at the screen, it was a new number, I didn’t know who it was but the message was Crystal clear. 

“Mambo dear, hope hujadoz… nilienjoy company yako sana. Kama hujadoz pliz tuchat kiasi ”

Damn!!!  I felt like screaming!!  She has finally texted me, usingizi kupotea nayo. 

“Mambo dear, I enjoyed the day too. Miss you already, hata sijadoz. Naona tu movie hapa. ”

of course I had to lie to make her know she hadn’t interfered with my sleep. Tingli!!  Another message, it was her again. 

“Oww. thot umelala. hope sijakusumbua. mimi niko bed hapa imagine mzee amelala tu. I can’t sleep and pole kukuambia hii. niko wet. amenifanya tu kiasi akacum akaniwacha mimi bado. ”
My eyes almost popped out. I had to switch on the lights, plug my phone to the charger and take a proper chatting position. HERE WE GO!!! 

“Pole, wish ningekua hapo.”

I replied. She was quite for sometime and then, tingli!!!  another message. 

” Hmmmm… ungedo nini? ama pia wewe you are just talk and no action? ” she replied. 

Does this lady know who she’s messing with?  hahaaaaaa. let me unleash the “fisi” in me. 
” Ningekufanya ufeel heaven. Na kwanza vile niko hard saa hii. Ningekupea hadi uniite kwa majina yangu yote!! ” I replied. 

 Tingli… another message. I rushed to my fon faster faster ” Dear customer,we are unable to process your request for the DAILY 35MB with 35SMS service at this time.Please contact Safaricom for more information.” Arrrgh!!!  what the hell?  Bob Collymore you seriously need to grow up. No at this time when am expecting a romantic message bwana!! 
Tingli, another message. 

” I love the sound of that. Can we make it happen?  Please. I just need kufeel loved again and sexually satisfied”

Waaah…. I thought to myself, is this really happening? I was worried that she was chatting in bed with the husband next to her. So I had to draw the chat to a conclusion. 

” Mimi niko ready, hata ukitaka naweza make date kesho tupatane, it been long since nikuwe na sexual relations na any lady. utakua umeniokolea dry spell ”

I sent the message and put the phone down then started rubbing my hands in excitement anticipation of what was to come next. 
Tingli!!!  Another message, Phew!!  I took a deep breath before reading it. 

“Sawa , ntakam kesho saa tano ivi. Nimeambia siz akam aniangalilie mtoi niko na shughuli na amekubali. acha tuone kama wewe kesho utanipea what nimekuwa nikimiss. ”
I had to contain my excitement not to scream and alert the neighbors. I could barely hold down the joy. 

“Poa, acha tuonane kesho dear. I will be waiting. Goodnight… mwaah!!! ”

 I wanted to cut the conversation short so as not to land her into trouble. 

“Nyts hun.. uniote.! “”

I was amazed at how I had graduated from just a friend to hun so fast. Boy am good at this. Night passed Morning came. 

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