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Forbiden Fellowship

Forbidden Fellowship Episode 3

Kate notices that am somehow turning pale, she quickly rushes to her medicine cabinet( I assume) and comes back with some pills and water. ” unaskiaje? ” she asks…… “sijui nini mbaya, naskia tu kizungu zungu ingine funny but I think ntakuwa sawa. ” I respond. She sits close to me, leans forward slightly towards me and feels my head. This leaning directly aligns her cleavage straight at my face. Gosh, what am I seeing?  I start wrestling all these evil thoughts in my head and I can confess that the view was irresistible. “usijali, utakua poa ” she tells me. “Ukiskia umelemewa unaweza jilaza hapa kwa kiti kiasi, sawa? ” She tells me as she rises up heading to the kitchen to check on the food, all I can do is nod in agreement . As a man, all I could think of at this moment was nothing but her breasts and ass. It’s wrong of me, I know but I just couldn’t help it. I am in the presence of a goddess, a beautiful human who was created with all these amazing features. ” The husband must be lucky… ” I think to myself. Again she pops up from the kitchen, comes and sits next to me with this look on her face that shows a lot of concern. At this point, my penis couldn’t hold on any longer, it just had to respond. Am forced to put one leg over the other in order to stop my pens from completely embarrassing me. To my amazement, this lady is very keen, so keen that she notices my desperate attempts to bring my penis under control, damn!!!  All she could do was smile and tell me, “usijali, hio ni kawaida. Nyinyi wanaume mliumbwa ivo. kusimamisha ni kawaida ” Heeeee, Kate, are you this courageous? And here I thought my erection would freak her out.  I could tell from her face that she was nothing but impressed. She couldn’t keep her eyes off my genital area. So I lean back and rest on the couch. Am really confused, I am completely turned on here and all I can think of is how I can get inside her pants. Her body language and the look in her eyes convince me that she wants me too. But of course I cannot do this, at least not with a married woman and definitely not in her house. I try coming up with an excuse to leave, I tell her how I was to meet up with a friend and time was running late. But she insists that am not leaving until I take lunch, “nimepika hadi food yako aki, usiende kama hujakula pliiz,  ” I didn’t want to disappoint her and so I had no choice but to wait. She heads back to the kitchen and this time she stays there long enough for my penis to relax. Phew!!  what a relief. She comes back carrying two plates of well prepared rice and meat in her hands, ” Hope hautamind, hii stew nimechemsha, ni ya jana usiku, karibu, ” she tells me as she gently puts the plate in front of me. She prays for the food and we starts eating. So we share a lot and since Kat is a very social person, she isn’t shy of saying anything. Her stories are so graphic in nature and I end up thinking to myself, is this the same lady who blesses me every Sunday with her amazing voice ama huyu ni nani?  Waaah…. one story leads to another and at this point she is open enough and starts telling me about her sexual life. How her husband used to be good in bed and nowadays has been reduced to nothing but a one round guy , a round that only lasts two minutes at most. ” Aki sijui nini inamfanya siku izi, na unajua kama mwanamke bwana yako asipokusatisfy unaanza kuona nje. ” she says….. ” labda ni stress za job, ”  I reply…. ” muelewe tu with time atakuwa tu poa tena., ” I could tell from her mockery of a laugh that she didn’t believe a word of what I said. “Ule sidhani atakuja kuwa vile alikua tena, hope nikijipanga na kamtu kando sitakua mbaya, ” she tells me. Is this lady playing around with my mind or what ? Is there something she’s trying to tell me?  How did we even get this far into a conversation that’s so graphic to begin with?? But I couldn’t judge. She’s human just like me, and she has sexual needs.

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