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Forbiden Fellowship

Forbidden Fellowship Episode 2

So after entering the house, Kate offers me a seat as she takes her daughter from me who had fallen asleep peacefully on my chest. She takes her from me and heads towards the bedroom to put her on the bed so that she may sleep well. Kate takes some minutes in the bedroom and later emerges in these tiny shorts and a vest top. She has also removed her bra and her boobs are hanging loosely and even though she is a mum who has been breastfeeding, you wouldn’t tell. Her breasts were firmly in place as her nipples showed nicely under her top. She had this love tatoo on her thighs which I assume she got during her high school days. This sight shocks me instantly and my eyes are instantly locked on her. She notices my reaction and smiles in a suggestive manner asking me, ” niko smart, ama? ” I am baffled by her courage and for sure I couldn’t bring myself to respond to her question. Of course she is smart, she is sexy smart. I think to myself, is this the same Kate that was singing in church earlier? Oh well!! let me “kula kwa macho “. As I am sank deep in my thoughts, she later emerges with a glass of juice from the kitchen which she offers me. Her phone rings and she picks it up and receives the call, “Sema babe, ” immediately I knew it was her husband calling. After talking over the phone for some seconds she hangs up . ” Baba Angel ananiambia kuna game ya Liverpool anaenda kuwatch ati atakam home jioni ikishaisha. Akitoka meeting anaenda ivo kuwatch, ” she says. As an English premiere league fan and of course a Manchester United die hard, I was always aware of the fixtures. At this point I realize the husband is a Liverpool fan, and I take the opportunity to showcase my football prowess, ” haiya, kumbe mzee ni fan wa Liverpool ? hata hakaangi kuona ball ” “Heeee, huyo na ball ni kama kitu ingine, ” She replies, ” Hata najua anaweza ingia hapa saa tatu usiku, ” She rises up and continues talking to me as she heads towards the kitchen. My eyes are immediately locked on her sexy ass as she swings it walking majestically, remember I am in the “kula kwa macho ” session. “Wewe pia ni fan wa ball? ” ……..”hmmmmmmm?? ” Of course I heard the question but for some reason my focus on her ass had my tongue rooted. I didn’t reply to the question. ” Hope wewe sio kama yeye, wanaume wa kuenda kuona ball kuacha wanawake kwa nyumba mimi sipendi! ” ” Hehe, mimi hata sionangi Ball imagine,” I said. Don’t judge me, I had to lie to get on her good side. Here I am seated in the house of this beautiful lady, her husband is away and all I can see so far is pleasing to my eyes, what do you expect me to do? She’s busy in the Kitchen and so I assume she’s preparing lunch. I on the other hand start sipping on the juice she had earlier brought me. She continues with her cooking, occasionally popping up to the living room, sharing a few words then going back to the kitchen. As I am drinking this juice, I start feeling dizzy and weak. I don’t make a big deal out of it and I just assume it’s the fatigue. Weeeeeeee….. n wapi.

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