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Campus Vibes

The Choice Part1 Episode13

“My daughter,do you think i can disrespect Cliff’s family by allowing you to marry another man? Eeh? Look Belinder, Cliff’s dad paid part of your school fees in campus.Do you have an idea what will happen if i dont agree their request for you to marry their son?”
Belinder’s mum explained slowly as anger took a good part of her.

“What is this that is in Nairobi, once a person go to that place they return totally changed! ” Belinder’s mum voiced addressing no one in particular. Meanwhile, all this time Belinder was silent. She was in a more dilema than before. She sat there as desparation ate her up. It was complicated. It was hard and tiring.
She had to let God act. Really? Just as she watch?

She sat silently for a while before voicing,

“Mum i loved Cliff. But he frustrated me. He called me names and insulted me. He insulted me and my family that we are poor. Mummy you remember that day he slapped me just because i never went to see him?”

“Huh! Belinder that is the nature of men. Clifford loves you.If i were too soft and impatient with your dad i wouldnt be in marriage. Please be strong. ” Her mum soothed her as Belinder wondered.
Wife beating is a barbaric thing yet her mum adviced her to be strong and accept a brutal man. Would that be possible? Would she risk to get married to such a man?

“Look your so….”

“Heey Ken… where are you from? Belinder popped interrupting her mum who was about to mention about Belinder’s son in front of Ken.It would have been a big mess but thank God.

“Just around the village, have played football with kids up there i feel so fine..” Ken said with asmile as he sighed.

“Bring the fermented poredge to Ken” Belinder’s mum commanded

“And me too” voiced Belinder.

Soon the poredge was brought. Everybody drunk silently.For Belinder she constantly pressed her phone peharps chatting with Fred who was very fond of her.
He loved her and Belinder had no doubt about that.

Outside, the once clear sky was slowly being engulfed by heavy dark clouds. As usual moowing of cows and bleeting of sheeps rented the air. The young boys and men were bringing the heard from grazing.They trodded the paths slowly whistling to the cows.

Birds sang the last stansas of their melodies as they jumped from tree to tree.

This was a sign of the dying day and Inside the house,it was already dark and quickly Belinder’s mum lit the old chimney lantern.

In the kitchen, sweet aroma of fried chicken was being prepared. It was Belinder who was doing all these as Ken sat boringly in the small living room.

He yawned from time to time and it wasnt long before food was brought and everybody was busy for a while.

Imediately,after supper, Ken was shown the guest room as Belinder slept with her mum in their bedroom.

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