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Innocent Soul Part2 Episode6


I could not recognize the place I had been taken to. I was on a metallic chair my hands tied behind me. I could only guess what was going around me. I had been blindfolded. What I was sure of was the fact that we were in an empty room of a stored building. We had climbed several stairs before reaching that room. Whenever someone spoke, I could hear the voice echo. I was certain it was an empty room. The room was full of cigarette smoke. The guys who were guarding me constantly smoked. I could hear them lit them one after the other in a short time interval. They kept moving around the room talking in low tones.  The building was somewhere downtown. We had driven for some minutes before reaching the place. It was a very quiet place. I could only hear the sounds of passing planes from a distance. Perhaps we were not far from the airport.  My mouth had also been sealed with a masking tape. I could not scream. I had tried to pull myself from the chair many times until I was left with no more energy to try. I was weak. My eyes had swollen. I had cried to the last drop of my tear. All that remained was the relationship between me and my creator, if at all it existed. I was now prepared for the worst.

I could not the exact time, but I was certain it was late at night. We had stayed in that room for quite some time. The environment had changed. Cold had set in. Chill penetrated my skin to my weak bones. The chill and the fear in me made me shiver even more. I was not sure of what was happening at school. Frank had taken quite some time before communicating to the guys guarding me. I was worried about Janet. Her last words to me echoed in my ears. She really loved me, I was sure about that. I knew she could do anything to save my life. She was also courageous and determined. I imagined maybe something bad might have happened to her, but then a thought of Jose came to me, I felt slightly relieved. “Jose would never let anyone harm Janet!” I convinced myself.

I knew Jose loved Janet. He had proven this. He had been there for her at all times. He had taken many risks for Janet. He could never allow anyone to joke with her. I envied the relationship that existed between the two. They were bonded by true love. Real love. They loved each other for whoever they are. Nothing more. I was certain that Janet would involve Jose in this despite the many warnings. He was her only hope in the campus. Jose was a humble and cool guy, everybody knew this. You could wrong him and go unpunished, but when it came to Janet, it was a different story. I could never hurt Janet and go like that. Jose always protected her. Perhaps true love was the only treasure that Jose would give to Janet. He was not well of financially. They rarely went for outings or raves. But believe me, most of the time they were together. I always wished Frank to be like Jose. But Frank was a different kind of a person. He always believed in his money. He counted his ‘love’ for me in form of the many gifts, outings and presents he had bought me. He counted the ‘love’ in terms of the money he had spent on me. “Clara,” he once told me. “If I don’t love you, do you think I would spent all this money on you? Hell no! This money is enough to hire me trippers whenever I needed them. To buy me expensive drinks and if I want to sleep with any diva in the campus, I would definitely do so. But am spending on you alone coz I want you to see how much I love you.”

I liked Frank but I did not love him. He was a ‘high class’ guy that many girls in the campus would want to hang around with. He was generous in giving out to ladies and entertaining them. Kate and Beth liked him for this. They always worshiped him. They never liked me. I was an obstacle that prevented them from receiving full attention from Frank. Whenever Frank organized a party, I was treated as the lady of the day, something that they never liked. They always told me that I love Frank because of his cash. This statement always tormented me. It was never true. Frank always insisted on our relationship. He always forced me to go on trips, shopping and outings with him. It came to a point where I could not resist anymore. I decided to always take whatever he gave me with no resistance. I believed that maybe God had sent him to save my situation in campus. Indeed, he had raised my class in campus, from how I dressed, the phones I used, hotels I ate and the hairstyles I maintained. It was his money. I don’t regret because there is no single day that I had ever asked him to fund me. He always insisted. To him, it was a way of showing love but to me, it was just some generous donations on a poor girl, Clara.

I never gave my body to him in return. I always avoided his plans of trying to sleep with me. For me, I believed that donors are not expected to receive any favors from the party they funded. I was just a girl in need and he had decided to help me, why on earth should I spread my legs for him? I had no feelings for him. I once cried after accidentally kissing him. it was not my wish to do so, he forced me to. He was trying to show off to his friends how deep in love he was. He also knew I always avoided his plans of trying to swim between my innocent legs. “Sasa Clara ulisema hizi vitu tutakula lini?” He always asked me. “Kuwa mpole Frank, everything ina time yake!” I would simply answer him.

“Clara, do you love me?” He would aske me.

“I don’t have enemies Frank. In fact you have been too good to me, why on earth should I avoid you?”

“Ok. I love you too Clara, hope you believe so. I spent a lot on you sweetheart.” He would simply say then hold my hand. “I think you need a gift. What about a trip to Malindi or Mombasa this weekend?” he would add perhaps to put emphasis on how he ‘loved’ me.

“Clara, Frank loves you. Why don’t you just love him back?” Janet told me one day. This statement made me mad.

“Kama unamtaka Frank nenda akupende wewe. Don’t tell me who to love and who not to. Janet you are my friend but you have started crossing my routes.” I responded angrily.

“The Clara stop spending his money, if you don’t love him, just tell him, and distant yourself from him. Si fair!” Clara told me while trying to hold my hand. I stood up and pushed her hand away from me.

“Outings nyingi tumeenda na wewe Janet, if you see it is unfair, why on earth do you follow us? Ok, I get it now, it is because Jose cannot take you for an outing, that’s why you want me to tell Frank that I don’t love him. You want to love him? Janet take my phone, text Frank. Tell him that this, ‘I DON’T LOVE YOU FRANK. JIPE SHUGLI.’ You will really save me” I roared as I threw my phone on Janet’s bed. I then walked out of the room.

That was my first time to argue with Janet. It really pained me. Deep inside my heart, I knew she was telling me the truth. But I did not ask Frank for any favors, he always insisted. I was mad at Janet because she knew this. She knew that it was Frank who always forced to hang around with me. It was never my wish or will.

“Clara you will pay for it in a hard way. Utalipia for real. You better quit before it is too late!” Janet shouted at me as I walked out of the room.

I never quited. Frank always insisted and kept on believeing that I loved him. He always hoped that one day I would surprise him with sex. He always said that he was longing for that day. Deep inside me, I knew very well that nothing like that was ever going to happen between me and Frank. I had no feelings for him. He was actually blind that he could not see this. I continued to receive gifts and presents from him, not forgetting the trips and outings that we went together. All through, I always avoided situations that would lead us into an intimate encounter.

It was not until one day while having lunch in town, Frank borrowed my phone. It was something he had never done before. I innocently gave him the phone without questioning because I believed it had nothing to hide. He asked me to unlock it and so I did. He kept scrolling and dialing some numbers as we took lunch. After few minutes, he returned my phone and took his. He looked at it and told me that he had an urgent meeting to attend at 2pm. We hurriedly took lunch, he then took me to a taxi and paid my fare back to school. This were normal. At night, he texted me as usual and wished me a good night. I wished him back as usual too.

The following day was a Saturday. I walk up to the ringing of my phone. I stretched my hand and picked it without moving out of the bed. “Hallo babe. Leo jioni kuna friends wa mine wanatoka Kisumu. Please I want you to come to my room and help me serve them. Will you?” he said immediately I kept the phone on my left ear.

“Mbona hukuniambia mapema Frank?” I asked as I rubbed my right eye with my left hand.

“Pole babe. Pia mimi wamenicall this morning. Please don’t miss. Please hun.” He begged in a low and humble tone.

“Poa. Nitakam but sitakawia sana. I have a lot to do. Wanafika saa ngapi?”

“Earliest ni 6:30 jioni.” He answered.

“Poa. I will come. Nice day!” I agreed and hunged up the phone immediately. I turned and looked at Janet’s bed. She was already awake, also scrolling her phone.

“Janet leo jioni uko tight?” I asked her.

“Yah!” She answered without looking at me. She kept on texting. “At least leo Jose ameonekaniwa na Mungu. He is taking me out.” She added.

“Ok. Ni sawa.” I answered then turned and faced the wall.

“Ulikuwa unatakaje? Unataka kuniachia Frank anipeleke out au?” She asked sarcastically.

“Kitukahiyo.” I also answered arrogantly. “Utapostpone ya Jose nikupee Frank?” I teased her. Janet did not answer me. After a moment of silence, I turned and looked at her. She had already plugged her earphones in her ears. She always did this whenever she was trying to avoid exchanging words. I knew she had not forgiven me yet after the previous argument about Frank. She had started avoiding my company. Especially when it involved Frank. Frank had also noticed this. He asked me but I lied to him that Jose had warned her to be accompanying us when we go out.  “Basi Jose aanzekumtake out pia.” He had commented.

I did not ask Janet for her company again. I decided that I would go alone. I had always been avoiding going to Frank’s room alone. The few times I had visited him, I was in Janet’s company. Frank respected Janet, he could not dare touch me in Janet’s presence. I had never visited him alone. I always avoided being in a closed or private place while we are only. I never wanted him to do something stupid to me.

I left our room at 6:25pm to Frank’s room. I was in a red dress that Frank had bought me as a gift on a valentine’s day. It was a fancy dress that reached slightly above my knees. It had a slit at the back that displayed my thighs in turns as I took each step. I loved it because it displayed my body’s shape very well. It had a bigger gap at the chest that left almost half of my boobs peeping and enjoying the nice environment that I always hide from them. I wore my best black high heeled shoes. In my right hand, I was holding my phone, earphones plugged in ears. In my left hand, I was holding a red purse. I believed I was hot enough to make one of Frank’s friends if not all to fall in love with. I was hoping to find one whom my heart will fall for.  All in all, I was going to help my ‘lover’ to serve his friends and I had to look perfect. After all he was the one who had bought me the good clothes.

It took me ten minutes to reach Frank’s room. Frank lived in an apartment few yards from the school gate. His class could not allow him squeeze himself in the tiny school hostels. He lived in a one bedroom self-contained house. It was the same apartment that Beth and Kate had been living before moving back into school hostels. I slowly climbed the stairs to the first door of third floor.  I stood outside the Frank’s room. I could hear some Techno music playing. I pulled out a mirror from my purse and looked myself in it. I was perfect. I returned it back pulled down my dress, took a deep breath and knocked the door. I knocked three times but there was no response. I decided to push it and fortunately, it was not locked. I slowly entered closing the door behind me. The room was as neat as it had been since the first time I stepped in that room. An expensive sofa set, a glass table, a 32 inch flat screen TV, a home-theatre, a core i3 hp desktop computer, a Samsung fridge and a cupboard full of different types of wines and Whisky, just to mention a few. On the chair, there was an iPad and an iPhone. I wondered why on earth Frank would leave the door open with such expensive things in the room.

“Frank!” I tried to call out. “Frank! Frank!” I called again but there was no response. I headed to the cupboard and pulled out a bottle of my favorite wine, Famous Grouse. I took a glass and half filled it with wine. I went to the home-theatre and stopped the music. “Frank!” I called again but still there was no response. I assumed that he was somewhere outside picking up his friends. I went and sat on a sofa facing away from the door that led to the bedroom. I did not want to look for him in the bedroom. I had a weird feeling about this.

As I placed the glass of wine on the table, my eyes landed on some white powder on a piece of paper. Besides the powder, there was a small glass pipe. I placed the glass on the table and touched the powder with my index finger. I lifted the finger towards the nose so that I can smell the substance. No sooner had the finger reached my nose than I felt a very cold hand hold my neck. I turned suddenly as my heart skipped a beat. I did not believe what I saw. Chill ran down my spine. I slowly stood as my legs started shaking. My mouth went dry as lips started trembling. Frank was standing right behind the chair. Behind him, there were other three guys. Probably they were in the bedroom. All of them were wearing only boxers. I could see their manhood protruding from the boxers. I was completely perplexed. Is Frank gay? Or what is really going on. I tried to move back but I knocked the table. The glass of wine rolled pouring all the wine.

“Frank! What is going on?” I asked him my eyes moving from one guy to the next. “You are scaring the shit out of me Frank!” I said in a low tone while stammering.

Franks eyes were red. The veins on his forehead had protruded. His eyes were fixed on me. He clapped his hands once then turned and looked at his friends. “Seems today we are going to have a feast folks. Ama mnaonaje?” He asked in a sarcastic tone. They all nodded in unison while smiling.

“Frank! Frank please. Frank!” I tried to call out as tears started rolling down.

“Why don’t you just shut the hell up Clara?” Don’t Frank me. Frank shouted at me. It was the first time he had ever shouted at me. “Just call me SUMBUA F vile umenisave kwa simu yako!” He added angrily. It was at that moment when I realized that he had noticed how I had saved him in my phone. Probably on that day that he borrowed my phone. “Clara, you have been lying to eeh? It is time for you to pay. And you will pay to my friends to.” Frank said while moving towards me. one of the guys rushed towards the door and locked it. Before I could scream, I felt a wide hand covering my mouth. I don’t know how I was lifted but I found myself on Frank’s bed, my dress flying above my waist, four guys surrounding me.

To be continued.
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