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Innocent Soul Part2 Episode5

“Janet! Amka twende!” I heard a soft voice whisper into my ears. The voice was accompanied with warm breath that moistened my ear. I slowly opened my eyes and rubbed them with my right hand so that I could see clearly. My eyes met with a broad smile that reveled snow white set of teeth. I almost flew when my eyes landed on him. “Janet amka twende!” He insisted while holding my hand. His hand was soft. It touched me with a magic sensation that made goose bumps emerge on every part of my skin.  His voice was soft and tender, as it has always been. His eyes were shining like an evening star. I could feel them piercing through my eyes. Perhaps he was seeing everything inside me.

He pulled me gently towards him. I don’t know how but the next destination I landed was on his chest. “We have to leave now Janet. We have to go. I want you to come with me!” He said as he looked into my eyes without blinking. He was more handsome than I have ever seen him before. He was looking so magnificent in his white clothes. I was confused and overwhelmed at the same time. Happiness had filled my heart that tears started dropping. He lifted his right hand and whipped the tears from my eyes. “You are safe now Janet! Stop crying.Hawawezi kupata tena” He told me while pulling me towards him. I rested my head on his chest, a strong wave ran down my spine as my cheek landed on his chest. He held me strongly against his chest then started caressing my hair. I felt him kiss my hair then tapped my shoulders with his hands. For once I felt peace prevail inside me. I was in the safest hands. I could not stop myself from crying. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks dropping to his well-built chest making his white cloth wet.

“Janet!” He called me softly. “I have told you not to cry. Uko safe na mimi. For all these years we have been together, you still don’t trust me?” He asked while gently pushing me off his chest. He held me by the cheeks and made me face him. He looked into my eyes and said, “No one is going to touch you again. Niko na wewe Janet. I love you despite all that happened.”  He slowly pulled me towards him as he bent towards my face. I felt his warm breath hit my forehead. I responded by moving towards him, he opened his mouth while closing his eyes, I responded by closing mine too and moving towards him. I was breathing heavily. I felt his arms around my waist. My heart almost stopped when the hands reached my posterior capacity. They moved up and down butts in a slow motion, igniting confusion, anxiety, warmth and sweetness in every part of me. I responded by holding him from the back and pulling him towards me as though he was part of my body that was trying to divert. I could not resist to moan when my breasts finally landed on his chest.  My eyes were still closed anxiously waiting for our tongues to meet and say one or two to each other. I could feel his heart beating heavily, it moved my breasts that were lying on his chest.

“I love you Janet!” I heard him say suddenly. Before I could say ‘I love you too”, I felt his lips already wetting my lips. He kissed me passionately that I almost lost my breath. He sucked my tongue continuously. I kissed him back with all efforts I could afford. Yes, I owned him. He was mine at that moment. We suddenly went into our own world. I don’t know how but I only noticed that my top and bra were on the floor. I could not help but also unbutton his shirt. I felt like flying when my bare breasts landed on his hairy chest. I jumped to his mouth and sucked all the saliva that I could get.

“Jose never leave me again!” I whispered into his ears then moved back to his lips. He grabbed me by the thighs and lifted me up as though he was lifting a piece of paper. My skirt flew above my waist as I locked him with my legs. He moved with me towards the bed while we were in that state. I was busy kissing his neck.

Jose dropped me on the bed the stared at me. His eyes were red. He looked lovely and so handsome that I almost jumped back on him. He slowly bent down and moved his fingers on my exposed thighs. I felt a strong feeling that made me call my creator without knowing what I was really saying. He moved the fingers upwards towards my waist. Like an electric switch, he quickly held my skirt and pulled it down my knees. The next thing, I saw it flying and landing on the floor. He let go his white trouser and alas! He was in his boxers. I could not help when I saw what was protruding just below his navel. He jumped on the bed and knelt between my legs. He stretched his hands and started caressing my thighs. I moved my head side by side as the electric shock ran down my nerves. I kept lifting my legs but I don’t know why. He slowly bent towards me. My heart stopped for few seconds when his wet tongue landed on my already standing nipples. He slowly moved the tip of his tongue on my left nipple. His left hand was busy squeezing the right breast. I was experiencing a feeling I have never felt before. I held his head tightly while pulling him with my legs that I had already locked him with. He raised his head and kissed me my lips then returned to the breasts. I was feeling like fainting due to pleasure.

He stopped and looked into my eyes, he smiled. I did not smile, instead, I covered my eyes with my hands. I was feeling shy. I gave out a loud moan when I felt his tongue just below my navel. I stretched my hands and held his head. I was pulling him towards me and pushing him away from at the same time. I was confused. I had this mixed feeling that I can’t explain.

I could not believe that my panty was below my knee. I had no choice other than help him push it below using my legs. I felt him kiss my thighs upwards. His hands were on my breasts. I was shaking. Goose bumps all over my body. I kept calling his name though I had no specific word to tell him. I closed my eyes and held my breath when I felt his tongue few inches away from my restricted region of life. “Go Jose! Go Jose!” I kept on whispering. Perhaps motivating him to score.

I opened my eyes suddenly when I felt something rigid land between my thighs. It knocked the side of my thighs as it land on the bed. The feelings changed suddenly, from pleasure to pain. “Jose!” I shouted while raising my head to see what was really happening. I did not believe it. Jose’s face had changed. His eyes had dilated and were blood red. He was sweating and panting like a donkey. His left hand was on his stomach while his right hand was holding the object.

“Janet ulifikiria tuingeisha hivyo, Unidunge kisu na nikuache hivyo tu!” Jose said while his eyes fixed on me. He was kneeling between my legs. He was holding a piece of metal in his hands. It was the object that had just landed between my left. I was lucky it only touched my thighs. He removed his left hand from his stomach. For the first time, I saw the bandage on his stomach. “Hiinikaziyako!Ulitakanikufe but niweweutakufa. You betrayed me.” He told me while pointing at the sealed wound.

“Si makosayangu Jose!” I told him slowly. “Sikupenda kukudunga.”

“Hata insulin yangu hukupenda kuficha.Naona. Janet I don’t love you anymore. Najua Frank anakupenda. That’s why ulikuwa unataka nikufe. Sasa leo ni wewe utakufa instead.” Jose said then lifted the metal high above his head. My heart stopped. I started breathing heavily.

“Jose usiniue!” I shouted on top of my voice. Jose did not listen to me.

“Mjinga!” He shouted while biting his lower lip. I closed my eyes waiting for the worst.

I suddenly heard a loud thud then followed the sound of the metal falling on the floor.

“Janet vaa nguo tuhepe.Nimekuokoa. Jose na Clara wataka kukua.!” Frank told me while dropping a hammer on the floor. He had hit Jose with it just before Jose could hit me. I looked at the other side of the bed, Jose was lying on the floor. “Akina Kate wanatungoja nje na Dan. Vaa nguo tuhepe!” He added.

“Frank umeua Jose!Jose hana makosa!” I shouted at frank. I started crying while covering myself with bed sheet.

“Jose angekuua.Nimekuokoa.” Frank told me while trying to pull me. I pushed him away and started shouting “Jose!”. I then jumped from the bed to where Jose was lying. “Jose!” I screamed as I shook him,

“Daktari!” I heard a voice shout. “Amejirusha kutoka kwa bed na alikuwa anaita Jose!Ameanza kuongea but naogopa.” It was the nurse shouting. I was on the floor, I turned and faced her. She looked terrified. She was a distance away, her eyes fixed on me.

“Kimbia hapo nje uite huyo polisi!” I heard the doctor command the nurse. “But nashuku ni nightmare!” He added.


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