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Innocent Soul Part2 Episode4

The nurse stopped what she was doing and looked at the doctor. She see looked confused. The Police officer also turned suddenly and looked at her. “I used it doctor!” She responded in a low tone.

“What for? Don’t tell me that there is other medication that you have injected this girl without my knowledge!” The doctor shouted at her. He looked very serious. He started moving towards her slowly, his eyes fixed on her.

“Hapana daktari. I used to..” She stopped speaking suddenly when she heard the police officer cough loudly and suggestively. She turned and looked at him. Their eyes met. They looked at each other for a moment without speaking. The doctor looked at them, he was surprised by the way the two looked at each other. “What is really going on here? Why are you looking at each other this way? Is there something that am not informed?” He asked, looking at them in turns.

“Yes daktari. There is. I thought nurse alikuambia.” The Police officer said after few seconds of silence.

“Kuniambia nini?” He asked looking at the Police officer.

“I am diabetic.” The Police officer said after taking a deep breath. “I carry my insulin. But unfortunately, I forgot to carry my syringe and needle. So I kindly asked the nurse to give me. My sugar was getting high. Thank God I was in the hospital. Am sorry you were not informed.”

The doctor looked at him for a moment then turned to the nurse. “Is it so nurse?” He asked.

“Yes doc. Nilmpa yeye.  ” The nurse responded in a low tone.

“It is ok. No problem. I was really worried. I was thinking that the nurse had injected her some drugs without my knowledge. I was also thinking that she might be using some drugs. You know I found her at the shelves and her eyes were really red. Lazima ningeshuku. Anyway, am sorry nurse. Endelea kufanya kazi zako.” The doctor said returning to the shelves.

“Ok doc. Am sorry sikukuambia.!” The nurse responded as she resumed her duty.

Silence prevailed the room. Everyone was busy doing their stuff. At that time, I was also busy, busy battling with the pain that had taken over my entire body. Every part of my body was aching. From the head to the toes.  I could not help but cry. Tears rolled from my eye like a waterfall. I tried to roll on the bed but I could not. My whole body was heavy. I wished I was dead. The pain that I was going through was the worst I have ever experienced in my entire life. I started sweating. I could feel fire burn my throat. The pain became intense when I tried to swallow saliva. I was really suffering. I hated myself, I hated Frank and for once I regretted meeting Clara. It was my involvement with Clara that had resulted in the sufferings I was going through. I was just an innocent soul suffering because of my involvement with her. I wished I had never known her. She came into my life, became my best friend, my sister, the only girl I could share my inner secrets with. She was so good to me, I trusted her and she trusted me too. We were there for each other in times of need. Clara loved me. I also loved her. She always listened to me. She never took any action before asking for my advice. The only time she never listened to me was when I tried to convince her to love Frank. She disagreed, and for the first time we argued. Perhaps she knew who Frank really was, but she never mentioned to me. But why did she had to take Frank’s gifts, agree to go for outings with him? Was she really after what Frank had to offer, and not after his love for her? Why did she had to entertain him when she knew that actually Frank was not a good person? Was that the reason as to why she had kept me in dark for that long? Was she really protecting me? Anger hugged me when I remembered the last words she told me before she left. I heard her words echo in my ears. I hated Frank. I hated myself for being weak. I hated myself for not being able to save Jose. “Jose, I can die for you!” I had once promised him. And instead of dying for him, I killed him. The complete opposite of the promise.

I felt my head spin. It was spinning at the highest speed that I started seeing everything around me moving in circles. I felt weak. My head become heavy and I started feeling nausea. I saw blurred images of Jose appearing and disappearing like a flash light. I saw him smiling at me. He was there. I saw him in a white suit. Yes he was talking to me. He was smiling at me while stretching his hands towards me. I tried to stretch back but I could not. He started disappearing. He was vanishing in think clouds. As he vanished, his white suite started reddening with blood. I heard his cry as he vanished, the same cry he let out when the knife penetrated his stomach. “Janet you have killed me” I heard him scream but he was already covered with the thick clouds, I could not see him. “Josee!” I tried to scream.

“Daktari I think she is in pain. See how she is shaking and sweating at the same time.” I suddenly heard a faded voice say. It was the nurse’s voice. I quickly opened my eye and looked around me. I saw the images of the nurse and the doctor beside my bed. I could see their images moving around the room. Perhaps it was my head spinning.

“Another painkiller na ile ya usingizi please. I think this girl also needs a serious mental checkup.” I heard the doctor tell the nurse. “Harakisha leta hizo dawa hapo kwa shelves. She will harm herself. She is knocking her head on that bed!” He shouted.

The nurse quickly ran towards the shelves and within no time, she came holding two syringes. She then handed one to the doctor and turned to look at the guy at the door. The guy was also looking at her attentively. She turned and looked at the doctor. “Mdunge!” The doctor told her as soon as their eyes met. She bent towards me slowly and pulled my hand. “Be careful, anatetemeka sana!” The doctor warned her as she pushed the needle in my flesh. I felt the needle in my hand. The pain lasted for only seconds. In fact it was insignificant compared to the pain I was already feeling. She rubbed the spot and handed the syringe back to the doctor. The doctor in turn handed her the other syringe. She was also shaking. I did not tell why. She repeated the procedure and slowly walked away from the bed without saying a word.  “Utapoa Janet. Don’t worry, the doctor said as he pulled the bed sheet off my body. He tapped my cheek then walked away. I turned and looked at the door, I could see blurred image of the police officer. He was keenly staring at me as though he was waiting for me to react in a certain manner. I turned my eye and faced the ceiling. The rate at which my head was spinning reduced but the heaviness increased.

My head increased in weight. I felt as though some concrete had been placed inside it. Turning my head became a problem. I could not move. My eyes also become heavy and started darkening. The voices around me sounded like a reverb. I could hardly hear any word. My hands become weaker and weaker. I didn’t know how but I closed my eye. I could not see, feel or hear anything.

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