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Innocent Soul Part2 Episode2

“Kunakujwa. Stop!” I heard the guy at the door shout. I opened my eye suddenly only to see the needle inside my flesh. The nurse was holding the plunger of the syringe ready to empty its contents in my blood vessel. She quickly pulled it out and dropped it in the pocket of her coat. She clicked loudly and pulled the bed sheet to cover me.  I looked at her, she was disappointed. The way she looked at me could tell it. She kept biting her lower lip while snapping her fingers. She did not move away from the bed. Her eyes were fixed on me, as if telling me, “We are not yet done”. I was really trembling. Had she really injected me? And what was she injecting me? Was it medicine, or poison? Many questions crisscrossed my head. I longed for my speech, my ability to move and defend myself. The way I had defended myself from Frank in the lecture room. I remained on the bed, as helpless as tortoise when overturned.

I suddenly heard the door open. I turned my eye and looked at the door, I saw a guy in a white coat and black trousers enter the room. I noticed that he was the doctor. He was the same doctor who had left the room earlier. He greeted the guy who was guarding the door. They smiled at each other as they shook hands. “Officer, I think she is now harmless, the injuries can’t allow her to do something stupid. You can just leave us with the nurse to take care of her!” The doctor told the guy

“Hapana daktari!” The guy responded. He cleared his throat then continued. “Huyu ni mali ya Police sasa. Do you know how a person who has committed murder is supposed to be handled? She has to be guarded until she is able to be arraigned in court. She is under our custody. Kazi yenu ni kumtibu tu!” He looked at the doctor then smiled.

“It’s ok Afande. Let us treat her until she is fine. You know she has the right to life too. And we can’t tell what really influenced her to do that. But we will find out.” The doctor said while he approached me. I looked at him, he was smiling at me. I turned my eye and looked at the nurse, who had not turned. Her eyes were still fixed on me. She bent and straightened the bed sheet. She tapped my shoulder. She held it and started massaging it slowly. I really hated the way she was pretending. I kept looking around the pocket of her coat, wishing against wishes that the doctor would follow my eye and notice that all was not good. “I see you are doing a good job. You are really taking good care of her!” The doctor said when he approached her.

“Yes doctor, it is my duty remember. She is just a young girl and am just confused, I don’t know what would have made her to do such a stupid thing!” The nurse responded. She sat on the bed I was lying on then faced the doctor. She pulled the coat behind her, probably trying to hide the syringe from the doctor.

“No, we can’t judge her, wacha apate nafuu aende mental checkup. I am also wondering. She don’t look like a murderer.” The doctor said while bending towards me. He stretched his hands and held my jaws gently. “You will be ok.” He told me while smiling.

“I think the painkillers zimemsaidia a lot.” The nurse told the doctor. She then turned and looked at me. Our eyes met. I saw a lot of deceit and hypocrisy in her. Tears were rolling from my eye. The other eye had been covered with a bandage. She pulled a white piece of cloth from her pocket a wiped the tears from my eye. “I wish she could speak. Angetuambia vile anafeel.” She said while shaking her head sadly.

“She will be ok nurse, she has only been in this hospital for one day. She has improved very much. You did not see her when she was brought in. I see you are really caring, you qualify to have that tittle, nurse!” the doctor told her. He bent and tapped her shoulder. “You really has a heart nurse. You are treating this girl well. More than any way she has been treated by the other nurses.”

“Joy is like a sister to me. Nikimuona simuoni ka fugitive. I see her as a sister. I must take good care of her.” The nurse said while turning to face me. “I even think she is innocent”. She added.

“Correction please nurse, she is Janet. Not Joy!” The doctor corrected her while smiling.

“Oh, I even don’t recall her name properly. But all in all, she is like sister to me. Very innocent. Or what do you think doc, can such an innocent girl murder?” She asked while looking into the doctors eyes.

The doctor threw a curious glance at me. He looked at me for some time. He shook his head then told the nurse, “I studied medicine, not law. That question can only be answered by the jury after cross-examining all the witnesses.”

“But you can judge doc, from her looks.” The nurse insisted.

“No! Even if we say she is innocent, that will not help. There must be justice. Our work is to treat her and make sure that she is in a position to defend herself, if she is really innocent. It is only God who knows innocent Souls. But don’t confuse me with Kanyari, am a medical doctor.” The doctor said while laughing.

At that moment, I started feeling pain, not pain from the injuries, but pain from the anger. Anger generated by the way the nurse was pretending. I wished I could talk. I wished God to give me energy, just for the last time like Samson. I felt like crushing her, squeezing her and reducing her into ashes. I felt something chock my throat, the throat that had already been injured. Tears ran from my eye like water from the highest waterfall. How could she? She had just attempted to murder me. I was in my full senses. I only lacked the ability to do my normal activities. My hands and legs could not move. I could not speak. I was helpless, there was no difference between me and that cup in your cupboard.

“Nurse!” the called.

“Yes doc!”

“Please make sure that feedind tube yake iko fine. In less than an hour she should be having something.” The doctor told the nurse in a low tone. “But I have checked her x-ray results, hajaumia sana. The medicine she is using will help her and soon, she will be talking and feeding. There are only few swellings in the throat, but she is not bad. I have seen worse than that, and eventually the patients recover. Am only worried about her mobility. ” He added.

The nurse kept quiet.  She seemed shocked. The statement was no good news to her. “Doc umesema ataeza kuonge tena!” she asked in a worried tone.

“Ninety eight percent yes. Especially with good care from a caring nurse like you, It won’t take long. Two or three days or even one.” The doctor said while look at the nurse. He smiled. His tone was soft and confident. I was happy when I heard that. I threw my eye on him. He was a young doctor, well shaved, with some sideburns. I saw the handsomeness in him despite to the fact that I was really in a critical condition. His eyes were soft too, and whenever he smiled, I could see his snow white set of well-arranged teeth.  He was handsome. I liked his voice, his encouraging tone and his positive attitude. He was the best doctor have ever encountered in my life.

I saw the nurse look at me. Her face had suddenly changed. She was still sitting on my bed, her right hand on my shoulder. I felt the hand become warm and wet with sweat. I could feel her shake. She turned yellow. “I.. I must say that, “ She started speaking while stammering. “I must say that.. Doctor, you don’t know how happy I am.  I can’t wait to hear her talk.”

“She will. Trust me” The doctor said while going towards the shelves. “Janet You are a very lucky patient. Una nurse mzuri sana” He added. Probably telling me or trying to make the nurse feel appreciated for her nice job.

The nurse turned and looked at the doctor, she then turned and looked at me. Our eyes met. She shook her head then looked towards the door, the guy at the door was looking at her too, she turned and looked at the doctor. He was busy doing some stuffs at the shelves. The nurse quickly drew her phone from her pocket and started typing while constant throwing glances at the doctor. She stopped typing and looked at the guy at the door, I saw the guy remove his phone from the pocket of his trousers. He looked at it as though reading something then looked at the nurse. He typed something then returned the phone in his pocket. At the same time. I heard the nurse’s phone vibrate. She pulled it from the coat, her eyes on the doctor, who was busy at the shelves. My eye was keenly following the nurse. She knew I was following her activities, she turned and looked at me, she was not as concerned with me as she was with the doctor. She ignored me then looked at her phone. She typed with the right hand while her left hand was still on my shoulder. It was really sweating. I knew she was up to something fishy, unfortunately, I could do nothing other than watching her. I was helpless.

I saw the guy remove his phone again. He read something, probably sent by the nurse. He looked at the nurse then nodded his head. The nurse nodded back. The guy cleared his throat then followed a roaring voice. “Excuse me doctor!” He called out. The doctor turned and looked at him.

“Yes afande.” The doctor responded while turning and facing towards the door.

“Can I have a word with you outside please? Just for a minute.” He requested the doctor. The nurse looked at the guy. She secretly nodded her head. She then looked at the doctor who was already heading towards the door.

“It is ok Afande. Wacha nikuje.” He said as he moved. “Nurse, hebu prepare the feeding tube as we wait the other doctor. He will come in a short while.” He added as he left.

“Ok doc. Right away.” The nurse responded quickly.

The doctor approached the door, the guy opened the door and held the doctor’s shoulders as they walked out. He turned and looked at the nurse the shouted, “Nurse usiogope, hatujaenda mbali. We are just outside this door. Carry out your tasks freely.”

“Sawa Afande. I can’t fear!” The nurse responded innocently. The guy and the doctor walked out and they closed the door behind them.

The nurse quickly turned and faced me. She dipped her hand in her pocket and pulled out the syrange. My heart stopped.

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