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Campus Vibes

Innocent Soul Part2 Episode1

“She has tried to shake her hand,” I heard a faded male voice whisper behind me.

“I have seen that too. I think anaamka!” Another female voice responded. I tried to turn my neck in order to see the speakers but I could not. It had been covered all round with some cloth. I tried to move my hands, the result was an excruciating pain that ran down my nerves. My legs could not move too. They were very heavy, as though they were tied on the heaviest rock on earth. My heart was beating faster. Pain had dominated each part of my body. I had never felt like that before. I tried to open my eyes, only the left eye opened. The right one had been covered and so it could not open. The left one was paining, tears were rolling from it like a water from a tap. All I could see was faded object. The whole environment looked misty. I did not know where I was. I tried to speak, no voice came out. Instead, I started coughing. I coughed severally and each time I coughed, I could feel pain in my ribs. It was like fire burning down my ribs. I thought they were broken. The pain was so intense that I started to cry. I tried to ask for water but no words could come out clearly. My chest was burning too. I was not the Janet I had been the last time i knew myself. I did not know where I was, how I had reached there nor who had taken me there.

“Inject her some pain killers!” I heard the male voice command. I heard some movements, then I felt a soft hand touching me. I then felt some pain on my hand near my left shoulder. The pain lasted for few seconds then it disappeared. I could feel some cold substance being rubbed at the same point I was feeling pain. The pain disappeared.

“Na ya usingizi?” The female voice asked softly.

“No!  She is needed awake. The pain reliever will help her.” The male voice responded quickly. “Keep eyes on her. They want to interrogate her as soon as possible. They are guarding the door. Hawezikuharm.” He added with a teasing laughter. I then heard the footsteps moving away.

I felt a soft hand touching me, then followed I soft voice, “Unafeel aje?” I turned my only eye and looked in the direction where the voice came from. I saw a lady in white standing beside me.   I could not see her clearly. The room looked rather misty. It was a result of my swollen eye. I tried to open my mouth, this time it was not so painful perhaps the injection had helped me, but still I could not speak.

I saw her smile at me. She looked at me in a loving manner. She rubbed her hand against my shoulder. She looked into my eyes, it was as though she was trying to pass a massage to me if not trying to comfort me. Or was trying to confirm whether I was seeing what was happening around me or not? She smiled. “Utakuwa ok. Usijali Janet Jose” She said while moving away from me.

I really wondered how the lady, whom I later realized that was the nurse, could have known me. That was not my official name. I really wondered how she could have known me. I wanted to ask her but I could not speak. All in all, I had pain to deal with. Not to know how she had known me.

She headed to the door. My eye followed her. I strained to look at her. I was really feeling thirsty and all I wanted was to ask for water. Unfortunately, I was not able to speak. I tried to lift my hand but it was difficult too. I looked at her wishing her to notice what I really needed. My throat was dry and burning. I tried to look around, nothing could help me. Tears was rolling from my eye. I wished the tears to drop in my mouth, at least to quench my thirst, unfortunately, they dropped on the pillow I was resting my head on.

The lady walked straight to the door, she opened it, I saw a man entering the room. He was a tall dark guy in a black trousers and the color of the shirt I could not tell clearly as my eye could not see clearly. The man was holding a gun in his right hand. The nurse let him in then locked the door. They stood at the door while facing me. It was as though they were discussing something. They kept pointing at me. The nurse’s phone rang, she picked it then talked for a while. At that time, the guy kept opening the door and peeping outside. It was as though he was expecting someone if not guarding some valuable items.

After the nurse had finished receiving the call, she scrolled it and then showed it to the guy. The guy nodded his head while smiling. He then pushed the nurse towards me. The nurse looked back at him, he nodded his head again, in a manner like telling the nurse, “It is ok. Go ahead.” At that time, my mind started spinning. I felt a strong wave run across my head as the events started unfolding. The first image that came into my mind was Jose’s, while lying on the floor helplessly, the knife in his stomach. My heart started beating at a faster rate. I started sweating. Tears increased as agony doubled. The images increased, I saw Dan lying in a pool of blood. I wanted to scream but unfortunately I no voice came out of my mouth, instead, pain increased. Clara’s voice ran into my ears. It was a clear voice. The voice that had heard when I talked to her over the phone. I pitied her. I wished the memory would not have come back to me. I felt guilty. Anger filled me as Frank’s image come into my mind. How he was whispering into my ears. I felt like jumping out of that bed. I heard him struggle with Dan, I heard his voice. It was clear. These memories almost made me insane. I remembered how my fellow comrades had attacked me. That was the last time I was into my senses, till now, when I found myself in a strange room. I felt like exploding with anger and Agony.

The nurse quickly rushed at the cabin that was just few yards from the bed I was lying on. She quickly took some gloves and put on. I saw her pull a syringe. She then dipped her hands in the pocket of her coat and pulled out a bottle. She filled the syringe from the bottle and returned it in the pocket. I tried to look at the door, the tall guy was still there, constantly peeping outside. I could not tell what was really going on. My heart beat increased. I wished I could be able to speak, I really wanted to ask her what she was up to. Unlucky me, my mouth was on strike.

When I turned my eye to look at her, I found her right beside me. “Harakisha!” I heard a deep voice shout. It was the guy at the door commanding the nurse. The nurse looked at me then shook her head. She turned and looked at the guy who had also fixed his eyes on her. Her hand was shaking. ‘Hatuna time sister. Inject her. You are just doing the right thing.” He whispered.

The nurse quickly turned and faced me. I tried to move but I could not. She shook her head then changed her face suddenly. She was sweating and trembling. Her eyes became wide. I tried to lift my hands but they were numb, my legs and neck too could not move. I tried to cream but to no avail, only pain increased around my ribs. The nurse quickly pulled my hand. I felt pain as she did it in a rough way. “Janet, you are not needed alive, am sorry but I have to do this!” She said in a sad tone. I felt like pleading with her not to harm me. I pitied my innocent soul. The soul that had never received peace since the last time I had known myself as the Jovial Janet I was. I knew I was not guilty I had done nothing. And even if I was guilty, was she really involved? Was she working for someone? Was she treating me? I wondered. Many questions filled my head. “Utaenda mpatane nao hell or heaven. Wale umeua.” She said as tears dropped from her eyes. “Frank can’t allow you to face the court.” She added. My whole body became hot when i heard the name Frank. It became hot with fear and anger. I was no longer safe, Frank had followed me.

The nurse closed her eyes as she directed the syringe towards me. I closed my only open eye too as my heart skipped several beats.  I struggled to speak but I was unable.  My whole body froze as i anxiously waited for the worst. “Josee!” i shouted when an object landed on my skin.
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