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Innocent Soul Part1 Episode9 (Finale)

My legs started shaking. I felt weak suddenly and started trembling. I could feel my whole body vibrating. Sweat started dripping from my forehead. The whole room was in a deafening silence. The only sound I could hear was the showers of rain from outside and the beating of my heart. Darkness had covered everywhere. For a moment, I imagined that I was alone in the room. I tried to open my mouth but no sound came out of it. Only panting breaths. I really wondered what Frank and his guys had done on Dan and Jose. ‘It was all my fault. If only I had agreed to cooperate at the first time, no one would have gone through the tortures of that day’ I blamed myself. All in all, it had happened and it was my duty to save everyone held in Frank’s trap.

I suddenly felt a hand grip my leg. It was a wet hand. I didn’t know how but I gained energy to jump and pull my leg from the hand. “Jose! Ni wewe?” I shouted as I rushed towards the switch. I could feel excruciating pain in the soles of my legs as I ran over the broken pieces of glass on the floor. I was bare footed. But at the moment, that was not my concern. I had lives to save, not to pay attention to the mare pain I felt. “Dan! Jose!” I called as I turned the lights on.

I almost fainted when I turned back. My heart stopped momentarily as my mouth remained wide open. For a moment, I deprived my lungs of oxygen. I thought I was in a dream, a wicked dream indeed. I wished someone could come and tell me that all what I was seeing was not real. Jose was struggling to stand. His shirt and part of his face was covered with blood. He knelt down and looked at his shirt. He looked at his hands, they were covered with blood.  He looked puzzled. He turned and looked at me. His was worried and confused. I could tell by the way he appeared. For the years I had known Jose, I had never ever seen him in that state. “Janet!’’ He called me as he tried to swallow some saliva. He was also shaking. He turned and looked on the other side, I followed his eyes. “Mungu!” He screamed. “Umefanyia nini Dan! Jane!” He tried to crawl towards me, me the rate at which he was shaking would not allow him. He just remained there, kneeling on the ground helplessly. He pointed at me in a furious manner. His hands were shaking too. “Janet uligeuka lini? Why? Why?” he shouted.

“Jose! Si mimi. Ni akina Frank!” I shouted back. He stopped and knelt again. He turned and looked at the pool of blood that had covered the floor. The blood had flowed from where Dan was lying. He was on the floor lying on his stomach, his hands and legs spread in opposite directions. He was motionless. He showed no sign of motion. The scene had made me confused, not knowing what I was doing nor what I was saying. “Jose tuto…”

“Stop! Usiniongeleshe wewe murderer!” he yelled at me. “Janet I used to trust you. With my life, today you turn against me. You kill my roommate! Why Ja..” He then stoped suddent. He looked at me nodding his head. He then pulled a plastic chair that was near him. He held it and supported himself with it. He managed to stand. I looked at Jose, he was not the Jose I ever knew. His everlasting smile had disappeared. You could not tell that Jose once afforded a broad smile across his handsome face. He kept nodding his head, his eyes fixed on me. It was as though an idea or rather a clue had just hit his head.

“Umesema nani amefanya huu unyama Janet?” he asked

“Ni Frank na…”

“Na Janet wake!” He interrupted me. “The same Frank niliwapata kule kwa lecture hall. Janet I have trusted you for all this time only to end up here. You have been lying to me that you love me. Is this what we call love? The promises you made to me Janet.. The..” he did not finish. He started crying. He cried like a little baby. Tears rolled down his cheeks like a water tap. I pitied him. I could also not control my tears.

“Jose acha nikuambie what happened. But first we must find a way out!” I told him. “I have been…”

“Janet I don’t want to hear anything from you. You are an animal. You deserve hell. Janet!” Jose was now trying to scream. I quickly tried to move towards him. He moved back with fear. He moved with the chair. “Back off Janet. I know you want to kill me too.. Janet please usiniue kwanza. Just give me a minute I talk to my mum before you do it. I know you are going to kill me too. After all I am a witness. I have witnessed murder and for you to cover up, ni lazima uniue…”

“Jose I have never thought of killing. I have never thought of harming anybody. I have just landed in this trouble because I was trying to save the innocent souls. Souls that have no sin! Jose please.. cool down.?” I told him in a low tone.

“Stop it Janet. Why is Dan dead?” he asked. This time, in a low tone. He whipped his tears and looked on the floor where Dan was lying. He shook his head and turned to me. “Janet, why?”

“Dan died because he came to save you.” I told him simply.

Jose’s face changed suddenly. He looked pale. He frowned and opened his eyes wide. He looked at me as though giving me a stern warning. He bit his lower lip. He then nodded his head and pointed at me.

“You are the one. You wanted to fake my death. You took my insulin. Right?” Then you came to make sure that I die! Dan came to my rescue and you, plus your stupid Frank killed him. But the question is, why would you do this?” he spoke vehemently.

“Jose, we have no time. Please let us thing of what to do. Dan is dead. He was in the plan of killing you then..”

“The he changed his mind, and turned against you. He noticed that I did not deserve to die. He wanted to save me. Then you killed him!” Jose said after interrupting me.

“Si hivyo Jose.. please listen to what I am going to tell you and believe me.” I told him.

Time was moving fast. The rain had stopped. The only thing that would be heard was the thunder. Jose struggled and reached where Dan was lying. He knelt down and turned him. His whole chest was covered with blood. His hands were folded as though he was gripping something in them. Jose tried to feel hi temperatures around the neck. He shook his head. “Dan is dead!” He shouted. I am sure the voice had reached far. He cried like a baby. He leaned and listened to his chest.

“Anabreath?” I asked him anxiously.

“No madam! You did it perfectly. He is dead. Please when it comes to me, do the same. Sitaki kufa pole pole. Kill me quickly.” He said in a sarcastic tone.

“Jose if we don’t act, another innocent person will die. Please listen to me.” I pleaded with him.

“Who else after me?” He asked while whipping his eyes.

“Clara! They have gone after her!”

Mentioning of Clara, Jose looks puzzled. I don’t know where he got the energy. He stood up suddenly and started moving towards me. “So Dan was right.. He was right. It was true you thought of that.” He said pointing at me. He turned back and bit his middle finger. He looked on the floor and at a speed of lightning, turned and faced me again. “It is about the pregnancy, right?”

“Yes. It is.” I answered without wasting even a single second. “So you knew about that?” I was really surprised that He knew about Clara being pregnant yet he hadn’t told me.

He ignored my question. Instead of answering me, he started talking to himself in a low tone. “I wish I had listened to Dan. I am sorry Dan I caused your death. I only ningekusikiza” He said while crying. “They will pay for this.” He then turned and faced me. His eyes had turned red and wider than before. It was the first time I saw the ugly side of Jose. “So you also believed Frank. Frank was saying that am responsible for Clara’s pregnancy.. Ukamuamini. Ukaona heri ulipize kisasi by f***ing him in the lecture hall. Then you planned for my death. Then to kill Clara too… Janet! I am not going to let you kill her” he shouted

Jose looked around the room. His eyes landed on the knife that had been used by Frank to stub Dan. He quickly rushed and picked it up. I became terrified. He ran passed me and stood at the door. His hands were shaking. “Where is Clara?” He shouted while point the knife at me.

“I don’t know for sure. Please Jose. You are not a murderer and let you not start wit me. I beg you!” I said while crying.

“Janet sijoke na wewe. You are not going to kill another innocent person. Clara’s pregnancy is not mine. I have never cheated on you.” He shouted.

Jose’s statement made me believe how clever Frank was. He had even used Dan to give Jose false hints. He had used every bit of his brain to arrange the frame. I pitied Jose. I pitied myself and also pitied Clara even more.

“Janet utaniambia place Clara yoko au zii?” He asked while moving towards me. He seemed serious and ready to do anything to make me talk.

I was terrified. I don’t know how but I found myself kneeling on the floor, my hands raised up. “I swear sijui..”  I answered while crying. I suddenly felt pain on my left cheek and the next thing I realize, I was lying on the floor. Jose had given me the first slap ever since I knew him. I did not believe it. It was the most painful slap I had ever received in my history. He then added me a strong kick while I was on the ground.

“Utasema penye Clara yuko.” He shouted as he pulled me by my hair. I am going to make you talk. He then pushed my head back to the floor. I knocked the floor with my mouth. I felt pain that I had never felt before.  I became weak suddenly. All the happenings were like a dream to me. Jose was the last person I ever expected to hit me. I did not believe it. Perhaps he was angered by the death of his roommate, which he mistakenly attributed to me. And also by the fact that Frank made him believe that I was sleeping with him in the lecture hall.

“Jose utaniua!” I screamed as he pulled my hair. I could see blood dropping from my mouth and nose.

“Hata Dan amekufa. Pia wewe ku…” He stopped suddenly when my phone rang. It was a text message tone. He quickly pushed me back to the floor and rushed for my phone. Perhaps he thought the message was from Frank. He hoped it would give him a hint on where Clara was being held. Jose knew the pattern of my phone lock. He left me on the ground rolling in pain and rushed to pick it.

Within no time, Jose came back panting like an antelope that had just escaped from the claws of a lion. “Janet, Janet,. Utaniambia hii namba ni ya nani.” He was shaking, sweating and tears dropping from his forehead. He knelt before me and pulled my hair. I tried to push him back but he overcame me. He held my neck and pointed the phone at me. It was a text message from a strange number. It read.

“Alpha tenaJ, the girl eliminated. Body thrown in river. Hop guy eliminated too and Dan framed. Pay my last money. Omega G!!

I almost fainted when I read the text. I tried to speak but I couldn’t. Frank had finally succeeded to Frame me. There wasa no way that I would  have saved myself. Jose had believed that I had killed Dan.

“Omega ni nani? Najua mnatumia coded language to communicate. Mumeua pia Clara..!!! Oh poor Clara!” He cried. “tenaJ ni jina lako reversed. Tell me!!” He shouted.

‘Jose sijui hiyo number, wala Omega.” I answered while crying. “Poor Clara” I said I a low tone as tears increased.

Jose did not want to listen to any word from me. He pulled me up making me I kneel on the broken glassed. He raised the knife high ready to stub me. I became terrified I shot up immediately. I didn’t know where the energy came from. I quickly held Jose’s hand and we started struggling. He tried to push the knife towards me but I did not let go his hand. He was also weak. He had not regained fully. It was a matter of life and death. All I wanted was to pick the knife from his hands. An idea quickly ran down my head. An idea that had worked before! I lifted my right knee and knocked him at the same spot I had knocked Frank. He suddenly dropped the knife and bent, both his hands between his legs. I felt bad that I had hit the man I loved most but I had no other option. I quickly bent and picked the knife. I pointed at him, my intention being to scare him. “You will now listen to me! You will listen to what I tell you. You should believe me, I am not a murderer Jose” I told him as I moved towards him. He only raised his head and looked at me. Our eyes met. We looked at each other. It was not the usual look we used to look at each other. We were not lovers anymore, but great enemies.

“Never, daughter of a bitch.” Jose shouted as he suddenly rushed towards me. The next thing I heard was a loud scream. Scream of pain. Jose creamed on top of his voice. I pulled back my hand, pulling the knife with me, the blood from his stomach oozed out like a fountain heating my face. He held his stomach with both his hands. I had stubbed him unwillingly. When he ran towards me, he came in direct contact with the knife I was holding with great impact. And Alas! It penetrated his poor stomach.

I remained there, rooted on the ground, my mouth wide open, not knowing what to do next. Jose tried to speak to me but he didn’t. He lifted his right hand and point Me. He then fell on the ground. I started to tremble again. My heart beat loudest. I could hear it. Chill ran down my spine as I watches Jose groan.

“Jose! Jose please.” I tried to call him, still holding the knife. No sooner had I dropped the knife than the door flew open. A crowd of people entered the room. Among them was Beth, Kate, the guy was guarding the door at the lecture hall and three security guards, one of them was familiar to me, the one I had passed on the pavement while running from the lecture hall. I dropped the knife suddenly. Everyone looked surprised. Including Kate and Beth. “Janet umeua Dan!” Kate shouted as she cried.

“Niliwaambia amekuja huku mkaanza kumtafuta kwingine. Ona ashaua wawili” Beth shouted at the guards.

I tried to speak but no word came out of my mouth, I felt warm fluid run down my thighs through my knees to my feet. I felt pain as the fluid ran down the cuts on my feet. I turned and looked at Jose, blood had covered almost all of his body. He was lying on his back, his eyes on me. They were wide open, but not blinking. I did not believe what I had done. No! It was not real! I though. “Analieni ka hawajakufa wasaidiwe!” one of the security guards shouted. I suddenly felt strong pain on my head then on my back, leg, head again and within no time, I was on the ground receive kicks and blows from the crowd. The security guards tried to protect me but they were overcame as one of them was busy tried to see if Jose was dead or alive. I could hear people shouting “Ameua! Achomwe.. Ameua! Murderer… Auliwe pia.!”. I had no chance to defend myself. I was as helpless as Jose withouth insulin. The fouse faded as pain increased. It reached a point where I could not feel, hear, see or smell anything.  Another INNOCENT SOUL suffering.

                                       END OF INNOCENT SOUL PART ONE. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. peter kaye

    June 12, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    i really love your stories, so comical with lots of lessons.

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