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Innocent Soul Part1 Episode8

I quickly let go Jose’s shoulder and turned. The wall room had been engulfed by darkness. All I could hear was some multiple footsteps approaching us. I was confused. My heart started racing again. Dan stoop up and shouted. “Ni nani?” No one responded. I also stood up and moved away towards the bed. Suddenly, I heard Jose cough three times. I felt like going back to him but fear could not allow me. I started trembling again. Chill ran down my spine. I was confused.

“Dan, ni nani?” I asked in a low tone. Still no one responded. Not even Dan. Jose coughed again. The wind blew the curtains of the window. Some lights from the back of the hostel penetrated the room. Now I could see three figures. They were three people. All had hoods on their heads. I could not recognize them. I saw done moving back too. “Hey, si mjitambulishe!” he shouted. Still no one responded.

The wind kept blowing. I looked at the ground, I could see the figure of Jose struggling to get up. I looked at him as tears dropped from my swollen eyes. I wanted to help him. I really pitied him. He did not deserve the pain he was going through. I tried to move towards him but I stopped suddenly when I saw a figure of a person approaching me. My saliva become hot and bitter. I could hear my heart beat. “Usinisongee!” I shouted. I saw the other two persons move towards Dan. None of them spoke.  Dan kept moving back until he reached the wall. I could hear the cracking of the pieces of glass as the persons walked over the broken bottle that I had broken. Jose was left behind, helplessly trying to rise.

Suddenly, a very bright light penetrated the room. Not long afterwards, a loud thunder followed, then showers of rain set in. It started slowly and within no time, it turned into a huge storm filled with thunder and lightning. The intensity of the darkness increased as the curtains closed. I could now see nothing part from the flash light that stroke the curtains. Water from the roof could be heard dropping on the pavement behind the hostel. The sound of the dropping water, the wind and showers of rain took control. I could hardly hear anything.

“Mtu asiniguze!” I heard Dan shout. “Niacheni!” I heard some objects fall on the ground. More fear engulfed me. I was about to take heel when I felt a huge arm grip my wrist. “Niache! Niache! Jos..” I tried to shout when my mouth was suddenly covered. I struggled to free myself but the person was so strong. I felt a warm breath near my left ear, then I whisper followed. “You are never clever Janet!” I quickly recognized the voice. It was Frank. I almost collapsed. I had fallen into his arms again. “Wewe Malaya ulinipiga ukaniumiza, ukakata mikono ya friend wangu. Sasa hapa hujitoi. No one will rescue you. I still insist you call Clara!” He whispered. I tried to speak but I could not. His hand had covered my mouth. Behind me, I could hear movements on the floor. Someone was moving towards us. I sensed that it was Jose. Frank quickly dragged me to the other side of the room behind Jose’s bed. We faced the door.

It was still raining heavily. Thunder and lightning still taking the control of the whole environment. A strong wind blew and the curtains flew open again. I could now see Dan struggling with the other two people. One of the guys was holding him from behind and the other tried to hold Dan’s legs. They were near the window. I looked on the floor, I saw Jose seated. It seemed to me that he was not in his senses, despite of all the struggles, he never seemed to bother. Perhaps the fainting had affected his thing capacity. After all, he had just recovered.

“Angalia huyo kwa floor. Amefufuka!” Frank shouted to the other guys. One of them, one who was trying to hold Dan’s legs, let go the legs and walked towards Jose. I wished that I could prevent him but I was helpless. I then heard a loud bang the followed a loud groan of someone in pain. The wind stopped and the curtains closed again; Darkness. I was not really sure who the person was. Was it Jose? Had he been knocked by the other guy? Or was it Dan? Or one of the guy? I tried to bite Frank’s hand but he was defended himself by letting go my hand then holding my throat firmly. “Nitakuua!” he shouted as he tried to strangle me. I almost lost air when he let me he stopped. He held my ear then pulled it. “Una kichwa ngumu ka Malaya Mwaenzako. Na hii kinyangarika inaitwa Dan inajaribu kunisaliti. Sikutaka ifikie hapa but I will be forced to. Will you talk to Clara?” He asked while letting my mouth free. I took a deep breath then tried to move away from him, unfortunately, he quickly held my hand and pulled me back. “Unaenda wapi!” he shouted.

I could clearly hear some struggles. It was as though there was a great fight. I heard the cracking of the glasses as they stepped on them. Then the table fell on the ground loudly. “Munaniulizia nini mbwa nyinyi?” I heard Dan ask. The struggle became intense.

“Wee! Kuna nini?” Frank shouted.

“Ni huyu jamaa anajaribu kujifanya mwerevu. Amenigongesha kwa ukuta!” One of the guys said in an agonizing tone.

“Niaje mtu mmoja atawashinda watu wawili. Dan usnitie hasira. Ushanisaliti. Ungeacha hii nyang’au ikufe. Huwezikula peasa zangu then unisaliti. Nitakufunza adabu!” Frank shouted. The next thing I felt was excruciating pain on my left cheek. He had given me a magical slap. He let we go the kicked me from the back. I fell on the ground and started rolling in pain. I heard him walk quickly where the struggle was.

“Frank hamfanyi poa. Hawa wasee hawajawafanyia any!” Dan shouted loudly while crying.

“Ungeniambia hivyo kabla hujakula doo zangu!” Frank shouted as he opproached him. The next thing I heard was a loud scream from Dan. I heard him fall on the floor. The ground vibrated.

“Janet Nimekufaa!! Nimeuliwaa!” he creid in pain. I tried to gather some strength and collected myself from the flow by holding the bed. I heard Jose cough. Dan’s Voice was fading as he cried. “Nimekufaaa! Frank umeniua!” he cried.

“Tokeni twende tumalizie huyo Malaya. Janet utaozea Jela!” Frank shouted as they headed towards the door.

“Na wakisurvive?” I heard one of the guys ask Frank in a low tone.

“Hawezi! Twendeni.” Frank shouted. The next thing I heard was the door closing. They had left. Silence prevailed the room suddenly. The wind blew again as the lightning stroke. A loud thunder followed. “Dan!” I called as I moved towards the direction they were lying. There was no response. “Dan, Jose!” Still no response. I tried to move faster but stopped suddenly when I stepped on some warm fluid on the ground. I did not lift my legs. I remained rooted on the ground like an electric pole.
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